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    WE ARE RasPiBot
    First printable humanoid robot powered by Raspberry Pi.
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    BUILD your own
    We will teach you everything from assembling to coding.
    Every kid should learn how to code at school
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    3D PRINT chassis
    Open source 3D models and Python coding library
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An open source Robotics platform accessible to beginners and experts.
Learn skills in Coding, Electronics, Linux, Networking and 3D Printing.

Robots' controler is a Rasberry Pi combined with an Adafruit 16 Channel Servo Driver.

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We believe that every kid should be able to afford a humanoid robot. RasPiBot offers affordable kits with an open source library and tutorials. Unleash the power of the Raspberry Pi and start coding your dream robot.

What students are saying about us

  • - Christopher Jutras -
  • RasPiBot makes learning how to code easier and really fun.

    - Benjamin Roy -
  • Having a robot and a Raspberry Pi at the same time brings infinite possibilities.

    - Trycia Collins -

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Important notice : These robots were not designed by RasPiBot.

Our job is to modify open source 3D models provided by these companies and make them compatible with RasPiBot's controler and servomotors. We strongly encourage you to visit and purchase from these great partners.

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