30 March 2017
RasPiBot Brain V2 RasPiBot Brain V3

We released 2 new controllers. The second version adds a 3.5 touchscreen monitor. Version 3 uses a PiZeroW with a generic hat. The advantage of the V3 is that it's really affordable ($12 USD).

20 Feb 2017
RasPiBot JD

I present you JD Pi

JD Pi is the first prototype of RasPiBot. We learned a lot in the process, especially about the world of 3D printing. First of all, never print a robot with PLA filament. You should always use ABS. PLA is too fragile and the pieces often break. We choose JD because of his EZ-Clip system that makes him the easiest to assemble. The EZ-Clip system works great with real plastic pieces but aren't optimized for the printed one. Still, JD is up and running but I wouldn't bet my life on his longevity. However, the good news is that if a piece breaks, you only need to print it again and you are back in business.

The next steps are to attach all the sensors, the touchscreen monitor on his chest and the camera in his head. Come back to this section to see our progress and feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions or want to share your projects.

17 Feb 2017
RasPiBot logo

RasPiBot is alive! We are proud to announce that our Website is officially online. RasPiBot is born 2 years ago when I wanted to teach coding with humanoid robots in a computer science class. I started shopping for an affordable robot and realised that the price asked was a scam. 600$ CAD for 1 controler, 16 servomotors and some sensors is way too much.

Project RasPiBot is all about paying a fair price for a robot.

  • We found cheap servomotors (it represents half the price of a robot).
  • We programmed a Raspberry Pi controller with a Python library.
  • We modified 3D files to make them compatible with our servomotors.
  • We build tutorials to improve your experience.